Father's Day Special with Dr. Sabatini from TOC

Father's Day Special with Dr. Sabatini from TOC

We hope you enjoy our first "Foot Feature" with Dr. Brad Sabatini from TOC.

Dr. Sabatini, orthopedic surgeon, father, and family friend of mine, from TOC (The Orthopedic Center) came into the shop for a fun Q&A. We covered everything from plantar fasciitis tips to his proudest moments as a dad! When asked about how he decided to become an orthopedic surgeon, he said that the sports he played in high school and injuries that sent him to orthopedic surgeons sparked his interest in the field. He knew he wanted to go into foot and ankle surgery after a positive experience he had in Charlotte during his fellowship.

Since our customers are always seeking tips for their foot and ankle problems, we decided to ask the expert! Dr. Sabatini’s biggest piece of advice for those dealing with plantar fasciitis is “stretch, stretch, and stretch! …. and find the correct shoes to wear that provide support which in turn gives the micro tears on your plantar fascia time to heal.” A lot of you also ask if bunions are preventable or if they are hereditary, I have gotten in many discussions about this, but Dr. Sabatini says that it is actually both! Bunions are more common in women who have worn high heels for most of their life. It is important that your shoes have the right arch support to help prevent bunions, heel spurs, hammer toes, and so much more! 

Dr. Sabatini’s proudest role is definitely dad! When I asked about what his proudest dad moment is, he said that any time he gets to see his kids work hard at something and see it pay off. His oldest son, Bradley, played Hans in his school’s production of Frozen. He said it made him proud to see his son’s dedication to the role. While we all know how hard it is to juggle work and home life, Brad says he owes it all to his wife Meggy. She is the force that holds the family together, and the one who allows him to be able to care for all your foot and ankle needs.

If you are in need of an orthopedic surgeon, give Dr. Brad Sabatini at TOC a call at 256-539-2728. Thank you so much Dr. Sabatini for coming by the store as part of our first “Foot Feature.” 

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